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Using Drones to Scare Pests Away

Squirrels May Carry the Plague!
Scare Those Pests Away

Keeping pests out of your garden or off your property in general can be a challenge. Without help from Toms River pest control professionals, these pests can end up damaging your yard. In order to protect outdoor areas from potential pests, one company has taken a novel approach that involves using modern technology.

Bird-X, a pest control company that focuses on keeping bird nuisances away from golf courses, farmlands and other outdoor areas, has recently started using drones for this purpose. The ProHawk UAV is a remote controlled flying device that’s designed to look like birds of prey. This design has been highly effective at scaring smaller birds away from areas where they might cause trouble. The drone can be launched on its own, and it’s also able to patrol outdoor areas and land on its own. This makes it a more convenient way to monitor and deter pests, since it requires less manpower overall. The ProHawk UAV has GPS technology that allows the user to program certain flight paths. It also emits sounds that resemble the calls of predators, making it even more effective at frightening pests away.

If you have rodents or insect pests on your property, contact Allison Pest Control. Our Toms River pest control professionals don’t use drones, but we do have other effective techniques for eliminating pests, so they won’t cause damage.