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Dump the Dark Luggage to Fight Bedbugs

Could Your Dark Luggage Be Attracting Bed Bugs?
Could Your Dark Luggage Be Attracting Bed Bugs?

Who suspected that style choices could have an impact on NJ pest control? If a recent study is correct, the color of your luggage may be a deterrent to bedbugs.

Are bedbugs afraid of the “light?”

The study suggests that bedbugs bypass lighter colors such as white and yellow in favor of darker hues like black and red. Since bedbugs are often transmitted by unwitting travelers, researchers suggest that you choose your luggage colors accordingly.

Bedbug experts react

In Houston, ranked 17th on the list of most bedbug-ridden cities in the United States, local pest experts are taking these conclusions with a grain of salt.

Exterminator Raleigh Jenkins believes that light-colored luggage can make bedbugs easier to spot, but they will go anywhere that provides easy feeding opportunities. Cathy Cheathum, professor of hotel management at University of Houston, points out that bedbugs are not reluctant to hide in beds with white sheets.

Tips to avoid bedbugs while traveling

• Never leave your luggage on the floor.

• Heat the inside of your luggage with a hair dryer. Upon your return, place all the contents in the dryer.

• Use hard-sided luggage that has fewer places for bedbugs to hide.

Fight bedbugs with experienced NJ pest control

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