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What Happens to NJ Mosquitoes in the Fall and Winter?

What Happens to Mosquitoes When the Weather Turns Cold?
What Happens to Mosquitoes When the Weather Turns Cold?

With summer drawing to a close, you might think you’re done dealing with mosquitoes and the health threats they pose, such as the Zika virus. However, these pests don’t necessarily die off when the weather gets cooler. Here’s why you might end up needing NJ pest control services for mosquitoes this fall.

Mosquitoes in Fall and Winter

During the fall and winter months, you might not see as many mosquitoes around, but this doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. Certain species of mosquitoes are able to survive the colder part of the year and emerge on unseasonable warm days.

Unfortunately, one of the mosquito species that survives fall and winter is Aedes aegypti, the species that can transmit Zika virus. This species spends the colder months in egg form in a safe location. These eggs don’t develop during fall and winter, but they do develop and hatch the following spring. Keep in mind that these young mosquitoes might also be infected with Zika.

Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes

You can reduce your risk of having mosquito bites with a few precautions. This includes dumping standing water in birdbaths and other outdoor objects, wearing insect repellent and getting rid of gutter clogs to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in water there.

If you’re still dealing with mosquitoes, contact Allison Pest Control. We can get rid of these pests for you with our NJ pest control services.