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What Are Ants Eating in My Spotless Kitchen?

Why Are Ants in My Spotless Kitchen?
Why Are Ants in My Spotless Kitchen?3

According to PestWorld.org, ants are America’s number one nuisance pest. They frequently get into your home through the tiniest of crevices, and even though you might be considering calling Freehold exterminators to get rid of them, what you’d really like to know is why are they attracted to your kitchen when you try to keep it so clean. Here’s some useful information that was written for you.

Ants Just Love Your Kitchen

You might think you’re being meticulous about keeping your kitchen clean, but what you might not realize is that even the smallest crumbs can be a feast for them. Sugar ants are attracted to sugar bowls, sticky substances on bottles in your cupboard, and even the dishes that might be left unwashed in your kitchen sink. The best way to prevent them is to do a thorough cleaning.

Water, Anyone?

Just like you would venture into your kitchen to get a glass of water, ants get thirsty too. Your kitchen is a prime resource when they need to get a drink, and if there is water on the counters, floor or sink, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to slake their thirst.

If you spot sugar ants or any other type of ant in your kitchen, your Freehold exterminators can help you get rid of them . It’s important to get to the heart of the infestation, and Allison Pest Control can help.

Ants March Into Local Kitchens

It's You vs. the Ants. Show Them Who's Boss!
It’s You vs. the Ants. Show Them Who’s Boss!

There are many species of ants out there, and once they get into your kitchen the only thing that matters is that they have become your pest. But one of the most common types of kitchen invaders, the little ants that always seem to follow in line, is called an Argentine ant.

From Argentina

These world travelers first showed up on coffee ships coming to the U.S. in the 1890’s. They arrived on the docks of Louisiana and have made their way northwards ever since. These sweet eating ants have been slowly pushing out the other native species, and have become the dominant form of ant that you’ll find in your kitchen.

Small but Numerous

If your kitchen becomes infested with Argentine ants, you’ll notice that they are small, compared to the common black ant, but that they are also extremely numerous. To the ant, there is safety in numbers and even if you spray them with insect killer, they’ll return. The only way to get rid of them is to kill the queen, and that’s where a NJ pest control professional comes in.

If you have any questions about Argentine, or any other species of ants that may be invading your home, please contact your NJ pest control specialists, Allison Pest Control. We offer a free pest inspection and have been proudly serving the Monmouth and Ocean Counties since 1917.