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Just How Did Insects Survive the Winter to Bug Us?

How Bugs Survive Winter
How Bugs Survive Winter

As the weather warms up, Monmouth County pest control experts stay busy. The warmer weather means that NJ residents will soon be seeing more bugs. While some insect species die off during winter, others are able to make it through the colder months thanks to biological adaptations.

Scientists have discovered that some species of bugs are able to balance salt inside their bodies, which helps them stay alive in winter. Insects that don’t have this adaptation tend to have higher levels of salt and water in their gut and higher levels of potassium in their blood. The higher potassium levels can result in deadly tissue damage. Bugs that are able to balance the salt levels in their bodies typically have lower potassium levels in their blood, which lowers their risk of tissue damage and other potentially fatal problems. Researchers recently studied five species of fruit flies to learn more about how some of these bugs are able to live in colder temperatures. They found that fruit flies from colder climates are able to keep their salt and potassium levels balanced, while those in warmer climates have a harder time doing so. These findings help explain why some bugs survive even in freezing temperatures.

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