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Teaching Your Kids to Explore the Crazy World of Insects

See That, Kids? That's a Japanese Beetle!
See That, Kids? That’s a Japanese Beetle!

Although finding insects such as ants and wasps inside your home requires assistance from Tom’s River pest control experts, encouraging your kids to explore the crazy life of insects outdoors can be very educational. Studying, collecting and preserving insects is inexpensive and easy.

Get the right equipment

To collect and preserve insects, your children need the right equipment including an insect net, killing jar, relaxing jar, forceps, pins, labels, spreading board, pinning block, and storage box. You can find these items at hobby stores and biological supply companies.

If your children just want to observe insects without preserving them, they only need a net, magnifying glass and a jar for holding insects temporarily.

Finding insects to watch

In warm weather, it’s easy to find insects. When your children want to find diverse insects, they should explore under rocks and logs, and on the stems, leaves and branches of plant and trees.

To collect several types of small insects quickly, sweep the insect net through tall plants in a back and forth motion. When kids examine the net, they’ll find insects they might not otherwise have seen by simply looking for them on outdoor plants.

To collect insects at night, children should look around lights to see what’s flying and crawling around.

Tom’s River pest control by the experts at Allison Pest Control eliminates insects in your home. Your children’s curiosity can help expand your knowledge of the insects outside your home.