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Sun’s Out, Mice Are Out – Well, Not Really…

Close Off Your Home to the Resourceful Rat
Close Off Your Home to the Resourceful Rat

With the weather warming up, you’d think that mice would prefer to be outdoors. However, these rodents could be lurking in your home, especially if they’re able to find food and water easily. You might require Monmouth County pest control if you have a mouse problem this spring.

Reasons for Mouse Infestations

Why do mice sometimes make their home inside people’s houses? Mice want to be in a place where they have plenty of food, water and shelter. Staying in your home is enticing to them if they’re able to get these things without having to worry about predators, such as birds and snakes.

You might have mice in your home if you provide them with convenient access to food and water. Your walls and attic give them safe places for shelter.

Preventing Mouse Problems

If you notice signs of a mouse problem, such as droppings or damaged food packages in your pantry, you’ll need professional pest control experts to help you out. You can reduce your risk of a mouse problem by cleaning up crumbs and spills, emptying your garbage, and keeping food in sealed containers. Fixing leaks and closing up holes around your home will also discourage these rodents from sticking around.

If you need Monmouth County pest control services for mice, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experienced technicians can get rid of these rodents for you.

How Small Can They Get? 6mm-Mice Can Get Into Just About Anything!

House Mice Can Get Into Just About Anything
House Mice Can Get Into Just About Anything

‘Tis the season for mice and other rodents to venture inside New Jersey homes. You don’t want a mouse in your house, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Did you know that there could be several mouse entry points all around your house? You’re probably not even aware of how small their little bodies can become. The good news is that when it comes to pest control Brielle NJ residents have somewhere they can turn for help.

How Much Room do Mice Need to Get Through?

It turns out that they really don’t need much room at all. An ordinary house mouse can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces. If you have a gap under a door that is 1/4 inch in height, they can get through it. They can also get through holes that are about 3/8 of an inch wide.

What are House Mice Looking for?

They’re looking for several things that are all inside your home. They’re seeking warmth and shelter from the cold fall and winter air. Of course, they’re also looking for food and water, and your home presents the perfect safe haven for them.

You might not be able to seal up all the openings for mice because many of them might be too small, but when it comes to pest control Brielle NJ residents can rely on Allison Pest Control for assistance. Contact us to get help!

Houdini Mice – How They Squeeze Into Impossibly Small Spaces

Code Mouse, We Have A Problem. Let's Get Allison Pest Control Down There Right Away.
Code Mouse, We Have A Problem. Let’s Get Allison Pest Control Down There Right Away.

Mice are some of the most difficult pests to control thanks to their ability to squeeze through tiny spaces. Many NJ homeowners turn to pest control companies in Freehold for help getting rid of these rodents. Ever wonder how mice are able to fit through these small gaps? Here’s how they do it.

Tiny Bodies

Mice are even smaller than they look. Their fur makes them seem bigger than they really are, which helps explain why they can squeeze through small areas. If you see a mouse, imagine how it would look without its fur. You’d be surprised at just how small and skinny they really are.

Strong Legs

Mice rely on their leg muscles to push them through gaps and cracks. Despite their small size, mice are known for having powerful leg muscles, which makes it easy for them to get into the smallest of spaces.

No Collarbone

Mice don’t have collarbones, which provides them with a convenient way to squeeze through openings. As long as their head is able to fit through a gap, they usually don’t have any trouble getting the rest of their body through. This is why mice are able to enter through tiny gaps around doors and windows or small cracks in walls.

If mice are scurrying around your home, Allison Pest Control can help. As one of the top pest control companies in Freehold, we offer dependable service.

Fall’s Cooler Weather Means Pests Are Dying to Move In with You

Pests Like to Stay Warm and Cozy in the Winter- Just Like You
Pests Like to Stay Warm and Cozy in the Winter- Just Like You

Just like you, pests like to stay warm in the winter, and if they can’t find a warm and comfortable place, they will die from the cold. The problem is that during the fall, as the season begins to cool, pests of all types are trying to find a place to feed and stay warm, and for most pests, the best place is in your home.

What Type of Pests?

The most common pests that want to be in your home are rats and mice. These warm blooded critters want nothing more than to be warm and safe in your walls, basement, attic or nooks and crannies where they are difficult to find.

But insects can be just as annoying. Box elder bugs, stink bugs, cluster flies, millipedes, even ground beetles and roaches will make an appearance if they can find a way in.

During fall, pests are going to be searching for a way to get into your home and take up residence before it gets too cold. Now is the time to stop these uninvited guests from becoming a nuisance and sharing space with you and your loved ones.

When you’re looking for pest control companies in Freehold, consider Allison Pest Control first and foremost. They have been servicing the New Jersey area for almost 100 years, and they will be there for you no matter what type of pest problem you have.

Dealing with NJ Rodents – Part One

How to Keep Rodents at Bay
How to Keep Rodents at Bay

When you see rats, mice or other rodents in your home or garden, it’s time to call Allison Pest Control NJ. These pests can spread infectious diseases and cause considerable damage to your home. If you haven’t seen any, it’s important to take steps to prevent rodents from invading your home.

Remove Easy Sources of Food

Rodents are drawn to your home and yard when they know there are easy-to-find find food sources. Don’t leave garbage cans uncovered outside, and pick up any fruits that fall to the ground if you have fruit trees. Use a hanging bird feeder to feed local birds, rather than throwing pieces of bread or seeds on the ground. Keep rodents from coming inside by sweeping up crumbs right away, making sure your counters and floors are clean, keeping food in airtight containers and washing dishes right away.

Close Up Rodent Entrances

Rats, mice and other rodents can get into your home by squeezing through cracks or holes in your foundation or walls. They can also get in through gaps around doors and windows. Seal these spaces up to stop rodents from making their way inside your home.

If you’re already dealing with a rodent problem in your home or garden, please contact Allison Pest Control NJ. We can eliminate mice, rats and other rodents from your property, so they won’t damage your home or spread germs.

Don’t Inadvertantly Welcome in House Mice

Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home
Don’t Invite the Mice

House mice are small, but they can turn into big problems when they make their way inside your home. These mice carry other pests, such as ticks and mites, and cause damage to your home by chewing on wires and wood. They can also get into your food supplies and contaminate them.

Our Monmouth County pest control company handles mice infestations that resulted from owners unwittingly letting these pests into their homes. Use the following tips to prevent house mice from getting inside your home:

  • Seal up holes that mice can use to gain access to and from your home. Keep in mind that they’re tiny and can fit through very small openings.
  • Make it hard for mice to nest in your home by keeping storage boxes off of the floor where they can easily get inside.
  • Make sure you have adequate drainage near your home’s foundation to prevent water damage. This kind of damage can result in weak areas where mice can get into your home.
  • Watch for signs of house mice, such as droppings, marks on surfaces from chewing or gnawing and food packages that have been chewed open.

If you’ve seen any signs of mice in or around your home, our Monmouth County pest control company can help. Contact Allison Pest Control, and we’ll help you get rid of your mouse problem as safely as possible.