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Scientists Believe Global Warning Has Brought An Increase In Plant Eating Insects

The summer of 2011 brought about numerous complaints by New Jersey residents to many pest control companies throughout New Jersey about an increase of insects eating more than their normal share of a variety of outdoor plants.  Notwithstanding the voracious appetite of the pesky stink bugs that have taken over the eastern seaboard in recent years, and have damaged farmer’s crops and homeowners gardens, many residents have noticed an increase of other plant-eating insects in their gardens.  Many home gardens that were normally bursting with fruits and vegetables were hit hard by unwelcome invaders this past year report NJ pest control professionals.

Through extensive research, it is the belief of some scientists that the continuing warming of the earth is contributing to the increase in plant-eating insects.  Researchers do not believe that the plants have become tastier to insects, but they do believe that insects have a greater appetite and have become more destructive in recent years.  Planetsave reported back on February 11, 2008 that scientists from Pennsylvania State University and the Smithsonian Institution believe that “when temperature increases, the diversity of insect feeding damage on plant species also increases.”  Additionally, the study’s lead author and researcher said “our study convincingly shows that there is a link between temperature and insect feeding on leaves.” You may read the article here.

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Oh Those Annoying Flies

It’s unlikely that you would have a backyard barbeque without visits from annoying house flies buzzing around your dinner plates, barbeque grill, and soda cans, trying to take a sip of a tasty treat.  These persistent pests won’t hesitate to make their way indoors through open doors, holes in window screens, or cracks or crevices, especially when the weather begins to turn a bit chilly.

They don’t bite, but are an annoying and familiar pest for humans. House flies are common pests that feed on decaying matter, fecal matter, spoiled foods, and discharges from wounds and sores.  Flies use their mouth parts to sponge up liquids, not solid food sources.  Solids are consumed by regurgitating saliva into the food and then ingesting it.  When flies land on food, drinks, or other sources, they regurgitate and excrete which allows them the opportunity to transmit a variety of disease organisms.  Scientists believe that house flies are capable of transmitting at least 65 diseases to humans.

House fly infestations are often large because of their quick life cycle.  The female house fly will deposit 100 to 150 eggs in decaying organic matter, preferably horse manure, but garbage or other animal waste will suffice.  The eggs will hatch in a day or two into white worm-like bugs called “maggots”.  Feeding on the material they were hatched in, the maggots will go through three larval molts, stop feeding, and go to drier surrounding areas where they pupate.  The pupa then changes into an adult house fly which will begin the mating cycle within one or two days from emerging from the pupal case.  The entire process can take as little as one week, which is why flies are often found in great abundance.

Because of the diseases that they can transmit, house fly populations should be controlled.  Remember to keep trash cans sealed shut, bring pet food indoors, clean up spills or leftover food, and keep yards clear of animal waste.  A NJ pest control expert like Allison Pest Control can help you keep house flies from bugging you!

NJ Pest Control Experts Welcome Spring…And Insects!

Humans are not the only creatures that are anxious to say good-bye to the frosty temperatures and snow covered grounds of New Jersey.  The cold winter weather is great for keeping unwanted pests away…at least that is what Mother Nature would like us to think!  NJ pest control experts report that some insects die off with the onset of winter, some go deep underground where they can escape the harsh New Jersey temperatures, and some pests seek shelter inside NJ homes, waiting for the first sign of spring to make a run back outdoors.

Warmer springtime weather is the trigger for the swift reproduction of many insect species throughout New Jersey.  NJ pest control experts warn residents to be on the look-out for the Eastern Subterranean Termite. Once termite colonies have reached full capacity, termite swarmers will venture to the surface from their underground nests to pair off and form new satellite colonies.  NJ residents may notice pools of swarming termites in grassy areas, alongside pavement or near the building foundation during the months of March through May.  Swarming termites are a sign of a serious termite infestation which requires the expert services of a New Jersey pest control professional.

NJ pest control experts say that other insects will also become troublesome for NJ residents as the springtime weather arrives.  Look for an increase in stink bugs, cockroaches, houseflies, bed bugs, wasps, bees, fleas, ticks, earwigs, crickets, lady bugs, spiders, mosquitos, and ants (all types).

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Improper Pesticide Application Promotes Bed Bug Multiplication

Bed bugs are nibbling their way across the United States.  Nowadays, nobody is immune to the nighttime antics of these creepy bloodsuckers.  Being hitchhikers, anyone can pick them up at a variety of places.  Although there are products available on the market that are geared for personal use to consumers, they have proven time and time again to be useless for killing bed bugs.  Consumers are at the mercy of hiring a pest control professional to eradicate the blood suckers if they are unlucky enough to be suffering through an infestation.

In the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, a woman discovered that she had a bed bug infestation in her apartment.  She immediately notified her landlord who refused to pay for extermination services.  Having no other choice, the tenant paid a pest control company for treatment.  Unfortunately, the shoddy treatment of the buggers proved to be completely useless and in a short time, she noticed baby bed bugs crawling throughout her apartment.  Thanks to the help of a local media source who covered the story, and a different pest control company who offered eradication services for free, the tenant is now receiving the help she needs with her bed bug infestation.

Many insects and pests that plague New Jersey homeowners and businesses are brought about by leaving food substances unattended, trash uncovered, and areas that have overall dirty conditions.  Problem insects like ants, cockroaches, flies, rats, and mice can be controlled in NJ by removing their food sources and having a good pest control plan in place, but this is not the case when it comes to bed bugs.  Being that bed bugs feed on human blood, and they are the most difficult pest to eradicate for New Jersey homeowners and businesses, it is imperative that specific procedures are followed with these nasty nibblers.  Bed bug treatments require an experienced and trusted pest control firm like Allison Pest Control who knows how to eradicate the bugs before they get out of hand!  Hiring an inexperienced pest control company will definitely be a financial mistake and the misuse of insecticides could be disastrous!