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Why “Bug Bombs” Are Bad For Your Health

“Bug bombs”, otherwise known as “total release foggers” are used to kill off a wide variety of creepy critters in homes and businesses across the US. Ants, cockroaches, spiders, and flying insects die when directly exposed to the pesticide that is released. Some people have tried in vain to kill bed bugs in their home by using total release foggers as well.

Stories have been reported over the years of some people becoming ill due to pesticide exposure when they have used bug bombs, and in some cases, explosions or fires have erupted when the foggers have been released too close to gas stoves. Questions have arisen for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as to the safety of those who have chosen to use fogging products. The CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program developed the “NYC Tracking Program” to collect and monitor data about environmental hazards of bug bombs. Information was also collected about the health effects from human exposure to these types of pesticides. It is possible that NJ may implement this same type of tracking program in the future.

The national and local data that was collected revealed that there were many different types of bug bomb injuries and illnesses that were incurred by humans as a result of using these products. The decision to ban foggers/bug bombs was made by the NYC Health Department with the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation as a result of the study by the CDC. Currently, the state of NY only allows licensed pest control professionals to purchase these types of products. As one of our closest neighbors has called bug bombs a health hazard we recommend you steer clear of this class of products.

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