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Carpenter Ants: a Hidden Pest

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants

We see them all the time. The tiny bug with antenna busily working away making tunnels, gathering food, and just all around staying organized and on top of the situation. These tiny creatures are ants and  can carry the title of “busy bees” easily.

The opposite in size of the tiny ants are the super-sized carpenter ants. These large black ants are the largest in North America. These super ants can grown to nearly an inch long. They have a sweet tooth which is provided by aphids in your garden. The ants protect, tend, and feed the aphid colonies so they have an endless supply of the sweet juice produced by aphids.

They’re also clean bugs removing unhealthy items from their colony. They also collect plant resins to use to clean the nests.

Strength is a virtue and carpenter ants have extremely powerful jaws that allow them to lift items that are up to 7 times their weight. Carpenter ants use their powerful jaws to chew and the favorite item is wood.

Decaying logs are a prime location for carpenter ants to retain their colonies. When decaying trees aren’t readily available, the wood foundation of your home is the next best place causing costly repairs.

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Five Fun Facts About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Control
Carpenter Ant Control

Well recognized as formidable wood destroying insects, carpenter ants are among the largest ants in the U.S and a common invader of homes. Highly interesting insects…

1. Carpenter ants can lift 7 times their own weight.
With some studies suggesting they have the capability to lift up to 50 times this weight. Their small muscles offer greater cross-sectional area, providing ants significantly more pound-per-pound force. That’s like lifting a car with your teeth!

2. Carpenter ants are neat-freaks.
Very hygienic, carpenter ants remove all deteriorated foods and deceased ants from their nests. They even create their own disinfectant, collecting resin to chemically disinfect them as well.

3. Carpenter ants could find their way into your home blind.
Really. They mark their journey using chemical substances, finding the way via their antennae. They can even send messages via pheromones and recognize each other by the chemicals on their bodies.

4. Carpenter ants don’t tickle.
They are capable of delivering nasty, painful bites by injecting acid into the skin. Some species even explode! Several Southeast Asian species of carpenter ants produce sticky toxic glue that they spray in the event of imminent danger like nature’s little suicide bombers.

5. Carpenter ants are tough to tackle.
One queen can live up to 25 years, establishing many satellite colonies and having millions of babies. This makes carpenter ants difficult to eliminate and prevent from attacking your home.

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