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New Jersey Spiders to Watch For All Year Long

NJ residents may notice a slowdown of ants, bees, flies, and mosquitos now that the weather has turned chilly. Some of these spring and summertime pests are hunkering down for the upcoming winter, while others are dying off as their species only allows them to live through the warmer months.

One type of critter that is still on the loose is the spider. Most spiders prefer to live outdoors, but as the weather turns cold NJ home and business owners may see an increase in spider activity inside of their structure report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.

There are two dangerous spiders that exist in the state of New Jersey… the black widow and the brown recluse. Black widows like to hide in dark out of the way places. Other tidbits about black widow spiders:

* Black widows spin creepy haphazard looking webs which can easily snare a wandering insect.

* Black widows have a red hourglass marking.

* Black widow females are much larger than the males. Once mating is complete the female often eats the male.

The brown recluse prefers to build its web in well-hidden areas. Things to remember when trying to identify brown recluse spiders are:

* They don’t make webs in bushes or trees, Orb spiders do.

* The body length of a brown recluse is never larger than a half an inch.

* The coloring on the brown recluse is uniformly lightly colored on its legs and abdomen. You won’t see any stripes or banding on a brown recluse.

* The brown recluse has six eyes, not the standard eight, as other types of spiders do.

* A brown recluse spider has a dark violin shaped marking on the cephalothorax.