Tag: Bed Bug Tips

  • Think You Have Bed Bugs? Dig Deeper to Be Sure.

    If you’re worried about bed bugs, you’re not alone. Middlesex County NJ pest control companies are dealing with more and more cases of these biting pests. Before you panic about bed bugs, though, keep the following tips in mind to stay calm. Don’t Assume You Have Bed Bugs If you see small, dark-colored bugs in […]

  • It’s Best to Discover Bed Bug Problems at Low Activity Levels

    Catching a bed bug infestation early makes it easier to completely eliminate them with NJ pest control services. This involves being able to detect low-level bed bug activity, which can be difficult to do. Keep these tips in mind, so you can catch bed bug infestations as early as possible. Use Bed Bug Monitors or […]

  • Five Important Things to Know About Bed Bugs

    As the number of bed bug incidents grows in the NJ and NYC area, it’s important for you to know as much as you can about these pests. Keep the following information in mind, and get in touch with the best NJ exterminator if you see any bed bugs in your home. 1. Bed bugs […]

  • Dump the Dark Luggage to Fight Bedbugs

    Who suspected that style choices could have an impact on NJ pest control? If a recent study is correct, the color of your luggage may be a deterrent to bedbugs. Are bedbugs afraid of the “light?” The study suggests that bedbugs bypass lighter colors such as white and yellow in favor of darker hues like […]