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Bed Bugs…More Than A Bug In The Bed!

New Jersey pest control professionals say that the name “bed bugs” can often times be confusing to home and business owners in New Jersey as well as other areas in the United States.  Bed bugs are a wide spread problem that have now made their presence known in all 50 states.  Media reports often focus on bed bug infestations in high priced hotels, apartment buildings, and retail stores, but bed bug infestations have been found in all sorts of other places as well.  Courthouses, office buildings, airports, jails, hospitals, doctor’s offices, all means of public transportation venues, and theaters have been hit hard by the blood thirsty pest!

Because of the name “bed bugs”, business owners are often surprised to learn that their office or building has become infested by these bloodsucking creatures.  Bed bugs are typically nighttime feeders, but the resourceful bed bug will not hesitate to seek out a blood meal during the daytime when the office is full of tasty staff members. Employees can easily bring bed bugs to work with them in purses, gym bags, laptop bags, or other personal belongings.  Businesses could also become infested by customers who have bed bugs which accidentally drop off their clothing or crawl out of their belongings.  Bed bugs are so tiny, that it would take an eagle-eye to spot bed bugs arriving with a customer.

New Jersey pest control experts warn that because bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and are able to hide in most any type of belonging that bed bugs can be lurking anyplace that humans frequent.  Home and business owners who have tried to rid their properties of bed bugs on their own have often faced an uphill battle fighting the nasty nibblers.  Bed bug infestations are so difficult to treat that it is recommended that you use a licensed New Jersey pest control expert to kill these buggers effectively!

Why So Many Bed Bugs?

Until recent years, bed bugs were considered an uncommon household pest. Bed bug populations dropped dramatically in the United States in the 1940’s due to the widespread use of the pesticide DDT. Over the past few years, the United States, Canada and many parts of Europe have seen a resurgence of the creepy crawlers that nobody expected. Although experts cannot pinpoint the exact reason as to why we are experiencing a bed bug population explosion, it is speculated that the lack of available pesticides to treat infestations, the bed bugs new-found resistance to current pesticides on the marketplace, the ease of international travel, and the lack of education about bed bug infestations are all contributing factors to their resurgence.

Bed bugs are sneaky creatures that despite their name, won’t always be found living in your bed. You can find bed bugs congregating in the seams of mattresses, under box springs, and in the cracks and crevices of the frames of the bed. Bed bugs can also be found lurking behind headboards, behind and in picture frames, in night stands, behind floorboards, in the cracks of wood flooring, in carpeting (especially along the edges), and even behind electrical outlets. Bed bugs have also been known to hide in clock radios, televisions, gaming equipment, and even cell phones. You will find that nothing is off limits to a bed bug. Bed bugs are tiny and masters at hiding, so when looking for bed bugs, you must think about where a small insect would hide to avoid detection. Severe infestations reveal bed bugs during daytime hours. Because of their hitchhiking ways, it is easy to transport bed bugs anywhere, or pick up bed bugs anyplace people congregate.

It’s important for consumers to look for signs of bed bugs if they encounter symptoms of bed bug bites. Because it is estimated that only 50% of the population suffer from the allergic reaction from the bite wounds, everyone should make a habit of looking for bed bug infestations in their home on a regular basis. The only way to properly treat your NJ bed bug infestation is to contact a New Jersey pest control professional with experience in eradicating bed bugs!