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Odorous House Ants Can Stink Up The Joint

Odorous house ants can be found throughout the United States.  In most instances you will find the odorous house ant on the exterior of your New Jersey home or business.  These ants receive their name by the disagreeable odor that is emitted when the worker ants are squished.  The odorous house ant smells similar to rotting coconuts when smashed.

Odorous house ants are most commonly found nesting outdoors in shallow soil under debris, mulch, logs, loose bark, stones or other items left in the yard.  They prefer to live in moist or warm areas regardless of if they are on the interior or exterior of a structure.  These ants tend to travel the same trails over and over as they forage for food.  Their favorite food source is the sweet honeydew that is produced by plant sap feeding insects such as mealybugs, scale insects, and aphids. Female odorous ants will lay one egg daily.  The size of the colony can range from 100 ants to up to 10,000 ants.

If you find a few odorous house ants in your New Jersey home or business, it is likely that these ants are on the hunt for food.  If you find winged swarmers inside your house, or are constantly seeing odorous house ants in your home or business, it is an indication that you have an indoor infestation on your hands.  Odorous house ant infestations on the interior of your home can be found in wall voids, floor voids, behind paneling, under carpeting and near hot water pipes.

A licensed pest control specialist will be able to locate the origin of the ants so that proper treatment can commence.  If you have odorous house ants making a home in your yard or traveling to the indoors, call Allison Pest Control today.