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Okay, Just How Strong Are Ants?

Ants May Be Strong... But Show Them You Are Stronger!
How Strong Are Ants?

Ants might be tiny pests, but they can cause big problems. These bugs are one of the main reasons that residents call pest control companies in Freehold for help. Despite their size, ants are known for having a lot of strength, which allows them to carry a surprising amount of objects around. Find out more about why ants are so strong.

How are ants able to carry such large loads around when they’re so tiny? The answer has to do with proportions and physics. Ants possess strength that’s inversely proportional to their size. In general, as size increases, strength decreases. Thus, as larger creatures, humans aren’t able to carry impressive loads compared to ants.

Ants can carry objects that are as much as 50 times their body weight. This is due to the fact that they don’t have to strain their muscles as much in order to lift and carry these objects. Humans and other larger organisms do need to strain their muscles more to do the same work. If we were as small as ants, though, we would have the ability to lift and carry around objects that are much heavier than us.

If you’re struggling with an ant problem in your NJ home, it’s time to look into pest control companies in Freehold. Allison Pest Control can help you get rid of ants and other pests.

The Secret Life of Ants

Ant Swarms
An Ants Life

Not only are ants incredibly strong and able to haul materials far exceeding their own body weight, they also happen to be excellent architects. For decades, scientists have had an idea of what underground ant nests looked like, but with the help of plaster molds and painstaking work, experts can recreate 3-D models of entire nests. Taking a close look at their habitat has revealed more than ever about the secret life of ants.


A colony of ants is able to create a vast nest full of intricate tunnels and chambers. The most amazing part of this feat is that it all seems to be instinctual or dictated by self-organization. There isn’t a head contractor directing the project. Instead, thousands of ants work together to achieve a common goal without any clear leadership. This has lead scientists to think of ants less as individual creatures and more as parts of a super-organism.

Life Span

Part of what makes a nest run like clockwork is that each ant is assigned a specific job. Besides the queen, there are also worker ants, who construct the nest and harvesters, who are responsible for collecting enough food so that the brood can continue to expand.

Clearly, ants are super intelligent creatures that are programmed for survival, which can present a real challenge if they have invaded your home. For help controlling and eliminating ants, call Allison Pest Control today.

Interesting and Unusual Facts About Ants

Ants Relatives
Ants Relatives

Ants are one of Earth’s great success stories. Ancestors of ancient wasps, with whom they share their hourglass figure, ants first appeared on Earth when dinosaurs roamed the planet more than 120 million years ago. These small insects are among the few species that have survived to modern times largely unchanged.

An amazingly hardy species, ants thrive everywhere on Earth except the frozen ice sheets of Antarctica and the Arctic. While no one enjoys sharing their Monmouth County, New Jersey kitchen with ants; there is much to admire in these hard-working insects.

Did You Know?

Enjoy these strange but true facts about ants:

  • Ants are the Einsteins of the insect world with a quarter of a million brain cells. In comparison, the human brain contains around 100 billion cells!
  • At 1/2 inch long, the carpenter ant is the largest ant in New Jersey. The largest ant species is the 2-inch long African driver ant.
  • Some ants are farmers, cultivating fungus or tending “herds” of aphids for their sugary secretions.
  • In some cultures ants are a culinary delicacy. Depending on species, they may have a honey sweet or peppery taste.
  • Ants do not have ears. Special sensing organs in their feet and knees allow ants to “hear” ground vibrations. Ants also use their antennae, special sensing hairs, and scent to navigate.
  • The insect kingdom’s body builders, ants have exceptionally thick muscles and can lift objects many times their size and 50 times their body weight. In human terms, this would be like lifting a Ford Focus above your head!

Ants are less fascinating when they invade your home. When they do, call the ant extermination experts at Allison Pest Control.

What to Do If You Find Insect Wings

Facts About Carpenter Ants
Facts About Carpenter Ants

If you find discarded insect wings littering the floor of your basement or garage or scattered over the windowsills of your Monmouth County, NJ home; you have a serious insect problem and should call an experienced insect exterminator NJ immediately. A litter of discarded insect wings indicates a mature infestation of either termites or carpenter ants. Both of these wood destroying insects can cause severe damage to Monmouth County homes and businesses.

Which Is It Termites or Carpenter Ants?

As we’ve noted in previous posts, when termite and carpenter ant colonies grow too large for available resources, they expand by swarming. Both insect species create specialized winged reproductives which crawl to the surface either from underground nests (termites) or nesting galleries tunneled into the wood (carpenter ants). Swarmers of both species look like winged ants and can only be correctly identified by close inspection of their body shapes and wing sizes by an experienced termite and ant exterminator NJ.

What Discarded Wings Mean

Once they reach the surface, winged reproductives pair off and fly away in mating flights. Males die after mating. Females land, bite off their wings and burrow into the ground to begin new colonies. Because swarmers are poor fliers, they frequently land nearby and are easily stopped by obstructions like windows and doors. Discovering a litter of discarded wings is an indication that swarmers have landed and burrowed in to begin new colonies. It is not unusual to find multiple termite or carpenter ant colonies on the same property.

Successfully ridding your property of termites and carpenter ants requires professional services from an experienced termite and ant exterminator NJ. If you see insect wings in your Monmouth County home, call Allison Pest Control today.