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Yes, Outdoor Ants Do “Hibernate” in the Winter

Where Do Ants Go In The Winter?
Where Do Ants Go In The Winter?

Ants are a common sight outdoors in summer, but when it gets cold outside, you might notice that there aren’t any around. Where do these insects go during winter? Our pest control Wall NJ experts want you to know more about how outdoor ants spend the winter months.

Outdoor Temperatures Affect Body Temperature

When the temperature drops outside in winter, the body temperature of ants also decreases. This decrease causes ants to become sluggish and not move around much. That’s why you don’t really see any ants crawling around when it gets cold out. So, where do they go when they’re unable to move much?

Warm Winter Habitat

Ants make sure they find somewhere warm to go before cold weather hits. This might be deep in the soil, tucked away inside their nests for the season. During winter, the entrances to ant nests remain closed, since there’s no movement going on. The ants inside the nest are able to safely spend the winter months in there without food, since they fill up on it during fall. This allows them to go the entire season without searching for any food. In spring, they emerge from their nest again to forage.

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Researchers Identify that Ants Need Downtime Too!

Ants Need Rest and Relaxation Too!
Ants Need Rest and Relaxation Too!

Ants are known for being busy little creatures, but they do rest at times. In fact, scientists have found that ants actually achieve some form of work-life balance that we humans could learn from.

Downtime for Ants

Researchers at Missouri S&T have found evidence that ants take turns staying busy rather than being active all the time. While some ants in a colony take a break, others step in to make sure there’s plenty of labor to serve the colony. Then, the busy little ants take their turn resting, and the ones that were resting get back to work. Researchers noted that larger colonies focused even more on this work-life balance, which helps conserve energy for the entire colony.

Work-Life Balance for People

This research could lead to improved ways of achieving work-life balance for humans. Since ants conserve energy, this results in improved productivity for the colony as a whole. We might also learn better ways to manage resources within communities thanks to this research.

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