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Practical Tips for Treatment of Bed Bug Bites

Look Out For Bed Bugs on Your Dark Clothes and Sheets!
Look Out For Bed Bugs on Your Dark Clothes and Sheets!

You’ve just discovered a bed bug infestation in your home, and you’ve done all the right things. First, you called the best exterminator in Freehold, then you’ve taken the time to do some research on how to protect yourself and your family. Now all you have to worry about is getting relief from those itchy bed bug bites. It’s important to know how to treat them so you can reduce the swelling and welts, and stop the itching.

Steps for Properly Treating Bed Bug Bites

Fortunately, you don’t have to run to the doctor to get help for your bed bug bites unless you have a severe allergic reaction. Usually, this is something you can easily manage on your own at home. Take these important steps:

1. Wash the area with soap and water.

2. Avoid scratching your bites, which will only make them itch more.

3. Watch for signs of infection, such as swelling or a fever. If you suspect an infection, go to the doctor.

4. Consider anti-histamine creams for severe itching.

The Aftermath of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites may take a bit longer than mosquito bites to heal and go away. In the meantime, keep following the above steps and make sure you get treatment from the best exterminator in Freehold.

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What Happens When You Contract Lyme Disease?

What Happens if You Contract Lime Disease

Here at Allison Pest Control, we’re considered to be the best NJ exterminator you can find, and it’s important to us that you stay informed about potential issues, such as Lyme disease.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is caused when someone contracts the B. burgdorferi bacteria, which is spread by deer ticks. Fortunately, not all deer ticks carry the bacteria, and they must have bitten a deer or another animal that carries it in order to be infected. Also, studies have shown that in order for the bacteria to spread into the bloodstream of humans, ticks need to be attached for at least 24 hours. If someone does contract Lyme disease, it can lead to a chronic infection in the body.

What are the Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease progresses through three distinct stages.

• Stage 1: The early localized infection – this is characterized by a rash called erythema migrans, or EM rash. It is a circular rash on the body that looks like a bulls eye.

• Stage 2: Early disseminated infection – this occurs between one and four months after the bite, and symptoms can include Bells Palsy and arthritis.

• Stage 3: Late disseminated infection – this occurs several months to several years after the bite, and symptoms include sleep problems, chronic pain and memory loss.

If you have a tick problem at your home, contact the best NJ exterminator to help you.

New Jersey Spider Bite Treatment Tips

Could Your Dark Sheets Be Attracting Bed Bugs?
Spider Bite Protocol

As the best NJ exterminator, we feel that it’s important to keep our customers informed about everything related to pest control. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience a spider bite, you definitely need to know how to treat them properly.

The Good News About Spider Bites

Most spider bites are relatively harmless. In fact, in most cases, when a skin irritation is blamed on a spider bite, that ends up not being the cause at all. This should set your mind at ease if you think you’ve been bitten by a spider.

Spider Bites That Cause Concern

Both the Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders have been known to bite, and their venom can lead to some pain and other health issues. Black Widow bites can cause stiff muscles, cramps, nausea, and vomiting. Brown Recluse spider bites can cause blistering, mild fever, listlessness, and nausea.

Treating a Spider Bite

If you think you’ve been bitten by a spider, there are a few things you can do:

• Wash the area and cover it with a cold cloth

• Try to bring the spider with you to the doctor

• Elevate the area that was bitten

The best NJ exterminator can help you if you are concerned about a spider infestation in your home. It can be concerning to know that your house has a spider problem, but if you contact Allison Pest Control, we can help you.

Love Your Pets, But Hate the Disease They May Carry

Beware of Diseases Your Pets May Carry

Your pets give you a lot of joy. In fact, studies have even shown that having a pet has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol levels. So, not only does your pet keep you from being lonely, but he or she may also help keep you healthy.

Unfortunately, there are some downfalls with having pets too, and these are things you might not have thought of when you brought yours home. Pets can transmit diseases to humans, but these diseases can be prevented if you know what to look for, and what to do. For example:

• Your dog may go on long walks with you, but beware of ticks, which can easily be brought back into your home and attach to you, spreading Lyme disease.

• Salmonella can live in the intestines of animals, and it can be spread through their feces.

• Rodents often carry the LCM virus, which can lead to flu-like symptoms, and perhaps even worse health issues.

• Birds can carry and spread Cryptococcus, which is a fungus associated with their droppings. It can cause pneumonia-like symptoms in humans.

Here at Allison Pest Control, we’re considered the best NJ exterminator, and because we’re the best NJ exterminator, it’s our job to inform you of these issues. Many illnesses can be prevented with proper pest control methods. Please contact us if you have a pest control problem in your home.

Traveling to the Hawaiian Islands? Watch Out for Dengue Fever.

What May Appear Pretty May Hide Harmful Bugs and Diseases.
What May Appear Pretty May Hide Harmful Bugs and Diseases.

Mosquitoes might seem more like a nuisance than a serious problem, but these pests are known for transmitting certain diseases. While the best NJ exterminator can help you get rid of mosquitoes on your property, you might have trouble avoiding them when you travel. If you plan to visit Hawaii in the near future, keep in mind that mosquitoes have been known to spread dengue fever there.

Dengue Fever in Hawaii?

This viral illness is transmitted by bites from some mosquito species. While this disease is usually found in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, there have been more than 100 cases of dengue fever in Hawaii since September 2016. Experts state that dengue fever cases typically occur when those traveling in other parts of the world bring back the virus to Hawaii. However, the more recent cases have been considered locally acquired illnesses.

What to Know

Dengue fever symptoms develop several days after you’ve been bitten. They include headache, joint pain, sore muscles, high fever and a rash on your arms and legs. Since it’s a virus, it usually needs to run its course without medical treatment. Wearing repellent can help lower your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes carrying dengue fever.

If you have a mosquito problem on your property and need help from the best NJ exterminator, don’t hesitate to call Allison Pest Control. We can help you get rid of these pests.

Where Do All the Mosquitoes Go in the Fall?

Mosquito Diseases

Mosquitoes keep pest control companies in Freehold busy all summer long, but they typically disappear when the weather gets colder. Do mosquitoes die out in fall and winter or do they find somewhere to hide until temperatures warm up again? Learn more about these biting pests, so you can be prepared to face them when the weather gets warmer again.

Some female mosquitoes lay their eggs in soil during late summer or fall, then spend the colder months of the year staying warm and hidden until spring arrives. For some species, the eggs survive winter and hatch in spring. For other species, the eggs hatch earlier and the larvae are able to make it through winter. These larvae can pause their development and slow down their metabolism in order to handle the colder environment. They start developing again when it gets warmer.

Some adult females mate and spend the fall and winter months in hollow logs and other protected areas. This keeps them safe during colder weather. These mosquitoes emerge in spring as temperatures start to rise and lay their eggs in sources of standing water. The males of these species die after mating in fall.

If you have a mosquito problem on your property, Allison Pest Control can help. As one of the most reliable pest control companies in Freehold, you can count on us to eliminate these pests.