Do You Have A Silverfish Problem? Keep An Eye Out For This Pantry Pest

Have You Seen Me? The Silverfish.
Have You Seen Me? The Silverfish.

Silverfish are common pests that can invade homes in NJ. These wingless bugs can cause damage to your home if you end up having an infestation. Find out more about these critters, including why you’ll need professional pest control in Monmouth County to deal with them.

Silverfish Identification

Silverfish have a distinctive look that makes them easy to identify. These pests have grayish-silver scales all over their body and have a long, thin shape. They move in a way that resembles the way fish quickly swim through water.

Problems with Silverfish

Silverfish don’t carry or spread diseases to people and pets as some other pests do. They also don’t bite or sting, so they’re not physically dangerous to you and your family. However, they can cause damage to a variety of objects in your home due to their feeding habits. This includes books, wallpaper, clothing and other types of materials.

Dealing with Silverfish

Silverfish are drawn to humid, dark areas, and they can easily get into homes through tiny cracks. Sealing up entry points, such as cracks in your foundation, helps keep silverfish out of your home. You should have pest control experts handle any silverfish infestations you have, so that they don’t get worse.

If you’re dealing with a silverfish problem in your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control for dependable pest control in Monmouth County.