Spiders You Might Catch Around Your House This Winter

Some Spiders May be Beneficial and Others Problems.
Some Spiders May be Beneficial and Others Problems.

Some types of spiders remain just as active as ever during winter as long as they have somewhere warm to build their webs and feed. This might mean that you’ll run into spiders in your home during this time of year. Professional pest control in Monmouth County can help you handle any of the following spiders you might find in your NJ home this season.

Long-Legged Sac Spider

These spiders, also known as yellow sac spiders, are typically a tan or yellowish color. They’re sometimes mistaken for brown recluses, but their bite doesn’t cause the same serious reaction. Sac spiders can get into your home through small cracks or gaps and stick around to feed on bugs.

Dark Fishing Spider

These spiders can range in color from black or brown to gray or tan. Although they’re called fishing spiders, they aren’t known for living near ponds or other water sources. Dark fishing spiders are sometimes mistaken for wolf spiders due to their appearance and size.

Woodlouse Hunters

These spiders can be several colors, including gray, orange, tan or red. They’re sometimes mistaken for broad-faced sac spiders due to their coloring. Woodlouse hunters tend to feed on pillbugs and other arthropods.

If spiders have been lurking around your home this season, contact Allison Pest Control today. We provide quality pest control in Monmouth County for a wide range of pest infestations.