New Zealand Plans on Being Rat-Free by 2050 Could It Work for NJ?

Could NJ Exterminate All Rats?
Could NJ Exterminate All Rats?

Rats give NJ pest control services plenty to do throughout the year. These rodents have also been a problem in other parts of the world, but one country is working on eliminating them.

Becoming a Rat-Free Country

New Zealand has a goal to get rid of rats entirely by the year 2050, although it could happen earlier than that. The country plans on exterminating rat species that have been introduced from other parts of the world. Other introduced species that will also be eradicated include possums and stoats. These species have been responsible for killing millions of native birds each year, including the kiwi.

Officials know that getting rid of rats will be one of the most difficult goals to accomplish, since they’re good at hiding in urban areas. The country also wants to ensure that they have the support of the public for this project.

Rats in NJ

Could NJ follow a similar plan as New Zealand’s for getting rid of rats throughout the entire state? This could be a big challenge for the state, considering how many rats there are and how many places they have to hide. In the meantime, property owners should rely on professional pest control to eliminate these rodents from their homes and businesses.

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