Could Truvia be a Natural Insect Pest Control?

Natural Insect Control, Is It for You?
Natural Insect Control, Is It for You?

Artificial sweeteners have been a topic of debate among health experts, but did you know that they might offer a new pest control solution? Scientists looking for nontoxic ways to get rid of bugs have been studying the use of artificial sweeteners as insecticides.

Truvia vs. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a nuisance that NJ pest control services deal with on a fairly regular basis. The artificial sweetener used in Truvia, known as erythritol, could be the key to effectively eliminating these pests without having to use chemical products.

Researchers have found that this sweetener is potent enough to destroy newly hatched fruit flies and even prevent these insects from producing eggs. It can also destroy adult fruit flies, although it takes a few days for this to happen. More research is needed to see if this sweetener could also be used to control populations of other insects.

Effective Pest Control

Until this artificial sweetener is approved for use as pest control, it’s important to make sure you have pest populations under control on your property. Professional pest control experts have effective means to get rid of fruit flies and other pests that commonly cause problems for NJ residents.

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