NJ Officials Warn Residents to Keep Dogs Safe from Leptospirosis

Beware of Pests and Diseases that Can Hurt Your Pet

Rats aren’t just a health hazard for humans. These rodents can also put your pets at risk. NJ officials are warning residents about leptospirosis, a serious disease that dogs can get from rats.

Deadly Disease for Dogs

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that dogs can get from exposure to rat urine. How does this happen? If you have rats on your property, they can leave traces of urine in puddles of water. Your dog then becomes infected when it laps up any of this contaminated water.

Leptospirosis can turn into a fatal infection in some dogs, so it’s important to protect them from this disease. In fact, officials know of three dogs that have recently died from leptospirosis infections in northern NJ. So far, two other dogs have fallen ill from this disease.

Health Hazard for Humans

Humans can also become sick from leptospirosis if they’re exposed to rat urine. This is usually a bigger concern for kids, since they sometimes put their hands into their mouths while playing outside. Fortunately, Monmouth County NJ pest control companies can protect families from this disease by eliminating rat infestations on residential properties and taking steps to stop them from returning.

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