Late Summer – Box Elder Bugs Look to Move In With You to Stay Warm

The Box Elder Bug
The Box Elder Bug

As temperatures cool off in the fall, some types of bugs look for warm places to stay during the winter months. Box elder bugs are one of the species that want to share your home in cold weather. Knowing more about these bugs can help you prevent them from coming into your home.

• Box elder bugs are about half an inch long and have distinctive markings, which are orange or reddish and easy to see on their black bodies. They are winged insects that are usually seen in the fall months.

Box elder bugs spend most of their summers in trees where they forage for seeds and other types of vegetation. When the weather starts getting cooler, they tend to leave the trees and look for a place to spend the winter. These bugs prefer homes and other buildings that get a lot of sun exposure, such as those that face south or west.

• Box elder bugs get into homes by squeezing through cracks, crevices, and any other small openings they can find. You can keep them out by sealing these access points, especially around windows and doors.

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