What You Need to Know About Head Lice Before School Starts

Head Lice
Head Lice

Every parent dreads it: your child comes home with a note from school saying they have head lice. While you may think that head lice only manifests itself when children live in dirty conditions, they can latch onto anybody’s hair.

Head lice generally do not thrive in dirty environments, though other pests certainly can. Lice usually live for less than a month, and cannot survive more than two days off of the scalp. Seeking the help of a Tom’s River exterminator might take care of loose lice or eggs, but if they are already on your child’s head, you need to use an insecticidal shampoo to remove them.

Generally, keeping your child, as well as the other members of your home, free from lice is done by not sharing items that come into contact with the scalp. Though rare for adults, a child might share a hat, comb, hairbrush, scarf, etc. with other students in their class. If one of those kids have lice, chances are high that everyone else who touches those items will catch them as well. Make sure your child knows not to share things that have been touching other people’s hair.

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