Babesiosis: a New Tick Borne Disease Hits New Jersey

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New Tick Disease

Ticks are usually associated with Lyme disease, but a new tick-borne illness is showing up in New Jersey, Rhode Island and other states in the northeast. This disease, called babesiosis, can be fatal to people who are older or those who have compromised immune systems.

Babesiosis comes from tiny parasites that enter the body via tick bites. These parasites go after red blood cells and can cause those who are infected to experience flu-like symptoms, including fatigue, fever and chills. Not everyone ends up having noticeable symptoms, but those who do should see their doctor for testing. This disease can be treated with medication, which helps lower the risk of serious complications. Health officials have noticed an increase in this disease in the past few years, especially among older men.

The rise in babesiosis shows how important it is for people to prevent tick bites by wearing light-colored clothes and promptly removing any ticks that are found on clothing or skin. Homeowners who have a tick problem in their yard or home should get in touch with NJ pest control professionals to have these pests eliminated. This can further reduce the risk of getting tick-borne illnesses, including babesiosis and Lyme disease.

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