Three Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Termites

About Termites
About Termites

Most homeowners know that termites mean bad news. These insects chew through wooden structures, causing expensive damage to homes until they’re dealt with through professional NJ termite control. While termites feeding on wood is commonly known, there are other facts about these pests that you might not be aware of.


Termites of different species are found in nearly all parts of the world except Antarctica. While Europe and North America have low numbers of termite species, South America and Africa have the highest numbers. Roughly one-third of termite species are found on the African continent, where they build huge mounds.


While many termite species have a diet that mainly includes wood, some species eat other types of materials, including grass, humus and roots. Since wood can be difficult for termites to properly digest, they typically feed on rotted wood that contains fungi.


Termites release alarm pheromones to alert other colony members to potential threats, such as the nest being invaded by predators. Those that act as soldier termites might also bang their heads to sound an alarm to nearby soldiers. They often block passages and tunnels in the nest to keep attackers at bay as well.

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