Highlight on the Indian Meal Moth – a Pantry Pest

The Pantry Pest
The Pantry Pest

When you think of pantry pests, insects like ants, gnats and fruit flies probably come to mind, but there’s another one you should be aware of. Indian meal moths can also get into your pantry and ruin some of your food supplies.

Indian meal moths are elongated bugs with a reddish-brown coloring on their wings. They’re small insects that measure up to three quarters of an inch long. These pests are drawn to pantries and other places where food is stored, such as supermarkets, especially in areas where there’s a lot of light. Indian meal moths, which got their name when they were discovered eating corn meal, feed on several types of food products, including candy, nuts, seeds, grains and chocolate.

They can also infest bags of dog food and bird seed. If you find these pests in your pantry, toss out any food supplies they’ve invaded, thoroughly clean the area and call in Monmouth County pest control experts if needed. You can prevent Indian meal moths from getting into your pantry or cupboards by throwing food out in trash cans outside and keeping food stored in airtight containers.

If you’re struggling with Indian meal moths or other pantry pests, contact Allison Pest Control for reliable service. With the help of our Monmouth County pest control professionals, you can enjoy having a pantry that’s free of pests.