Termite 101 – What NJ Residents Need to Know

Termite Control
Termite Control

You probably know that termites can cause significant amounts of damage to your home, but how much do you know about the way this species lives? Termites do more than just chew away at wood inside homes. They also have very active lives within their colonies.

Termites are capable of doing damage to a home because there are usually tons of them living in a single colony. Each mating season, winged female and male termites leave their nests and pair up in order to mate and search for a new nesting place. After mating, males and females lose their wings and spend their lives with the same colony. Each colony has a king and queen, as well as thousands of workers. The workers are arranged in castes that perform different tasks, such as building nests, foraging for food or guarding the colony from attacks.

Termites use pheromones to communicate the location of food. They might also use these chemically produced scents to prevent workers from reproducing. Some termites also hit their heads against the walls or floor of their tunnels to alert other colony members about threats. The size of termite colonies and their effective communication methods allow this species to thrive in homes.

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