Wet Summer Brings Forth a Bumper Crop of Pests

Biting Insects
Biting Insects

Summer weather creates the perfect conditions for several pest species to breed, such as gnats, black flies and mosquitoes. Each of these species experience a rapid population growth as the weather shifts back and forth between wet and hot/humid.

Why should you be concerned about these pests?

Annoying Pests Are Also Frightening Health Risks

Gnats, black flies, mosquitoes and other pests that are thriving in Monmouth and Ocean counties right now bite humans and pets, buzz in ears and around noses and mouths and take over picnics and trash cans. They are incredibly difficult to get rid of with over-the-counter insect repellents and pesticides.

Yet, the many risks they pose to human health make it essential that people look at them as more than mere annoyances:

  • Biting insects cause bleeding beneath the surface of the skin. People with blood-clotting disorders can experience larger-than-normal welts after being bitten that take longer to heal.
  • People with severe allergies to certain biting insects can also experience larger-than-normal welts. Worse yet, they can experience severe allergic reactions.
  • Welts can become infected like any other wound.
  • Some of these insects, such as mosquitoes, carry bacteria, parasites and viruses that can cause short-term and chronic long-term health problems.

If you’re looking for Rumson pest control services to deal with these insects, contact our experienced Allison Pest Control professional today to create a pest management and control plan to fit your needs.