Protect Yourself – Burglars Acting as Pest Exterminators

Make Sure They Are Professionals
Make Sure They Are Professionals

Be on your guard here, and think about this. There have been reports of people impersonating pest exterminators in various communities across the country. Their mode of operation is extremely simple and effective.

How they Work

People, generally in pairs and decked out in fake pest control uniforms, will go to homes in a targeted neighborhood, ring doorbells and when someone answers, they will ask them if they are having pest problems. When a homeowner lets them in to check out their home, the fake pest control techs will canvas the inside and look for valuables hidden in places that pests might hide, like bedroom drawers, hall closets, cabinets and other hiding places.

They’ll be Back

Ultimately, they will want to know your household schedule to find out when you are available for service, and more importantly, when you won’t be there, so that they can come back when you gone and rob your home.

The bottom line here is this. Don’t employ a pest exterminator that is soliciting your house with an excuse to look for pests. This is a scam waiting to happen. When you need an evaluation about pests of any kind, call us Allison Pest Control. We have been serving Monmouth and Ocean County for nearly 100 years and we will always give you quality, fair and trustworthy service that is second to none. When you use Allison Pest Control know that our techs arrive wearing uniforms and have identification. Only use a service that you can trust and know that with our long heritage serving our community you will never have to fear problems when using our service or technicians.