Three Things You Didn’t Know About Stink Bugs

A Stink Bug
A Stink Bug

When it comes to stink bugs, you probably know what they look like and not much else. Here are some more stink bug fun facts:

They are in Demand!

While there is no shortage of stink bugs in the wild, the University of Maryland lost their entire colony to a strange virus. The Department of Entomology is now enlisting the help of local residents to collect a new supply of stink bugs for their laboratory. You can actually collect and mail stink bugs that you collect in your home to the university in order to further their studies.

Stink Bugs Hibernate

Stink bugs fuel up during the warmer months so that they can overwinter inside houses, under logs and in other fairly warm and protective spaces. Once the weather turns warm again, they come out in force to breed. They tend to be especially prevalent near soy bean fields and other favorite food sources, which allow them to get enough energy to survive long winters.

You Can Prevent and Treat Infestations

At Allison Pest Control in Rumson, NJ, we can help you develop a strategy to eliminate stink bugs from your home. First and foremost, you will need to seal up any cracks and holes where stink bugs are entering the home. Next, we will use our expertise to eradicate the pests so that you don’t become overwhelmed with hundreds of uninvited guests this summer.