Three Things You Didn’t Know About Termite Communication

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The Trouble With Termites

Termites are always working hard, no matter what they’re doing. They build long tunnels and complicated chambers, and you’d better believe they’re always communicating with each other. Otherwise, how could these projects get completed? In fact, communication is very important to termites, and as your Toms River pest control experts, we’d like to go over some things we’re sure you didn’t know about the way termites get their messages across.

The Queen is in Charge – This might make sense to you, but did you know she orders the other termites around by releasing chemicals that contain vital messages? They pass the chemicals to each other as a way to communicate what their next projects should be.

Termites are Headbangers – There are only so many ways termites have to alert each other of pending danger. Banging their heads has proven to be an effect method, and they’ll do so on a nearby wall. That way soldiers can prepare to defend the colony.

They Have Unique Ways to Measure Available Food – Vibroacoustics are used when termites chew through their food sources. The other termites hear the vibrations and have a terrific understanding of how much food is available for the colony.

While these are fascinating facts, when you have a termite infestation, you just want them to be removed. If you have reason to suspect your one is infested, contact us, your Toms River pest control specialists.