Termites Know No Season – Chomping Year Round

Termites Will Eat Your Home Tear Round
Termites Will Eat Your Home Tear Round

Living in cozy underground nests and traveling to their feeding sites through underground tunnels, NJ termites know no season. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep these hungry pests from attacking your Monmouth County, New Jersey home or business.

Chomping Year Round

Weather does not affect the Eastern subterranean termites that attack New Jersey homes. NJ pest control experts warn that subterranean termites are a year-round problem in Monmouth and Ocean counties, New Jersey. Subterranean termites nest and travel below the frost line where the ground temperature remains a comfortable 55 degrees Fahrenheit no matter how hot or cold the surface temperature. Existing in perpetual springtime, invading termites can chomp away at your foundation wood 365 days a year!

Chomping Round the Clock

When termites invade, damage escalates not only because of their year-round munching; but also because these wood-eating insects chomp around the clock. Termites never sleep. Navigating through dark tunnels, blind workers continuously scurry between their nest and food sources. To feed their massive colonies, these workaholics of the insect world munch 24 hours a day without breaks or rest. When termites invade, the chomping never stops!

Year After Year

Termites are not a short-term NJ pest control problem. Worker termites only live two years, but termite queens can live 15 to 25 years. Queens lay an egg about every 15 seconds, allowing colonies to quickly reach massive numbers. Colonies of a million or more termites and multiple colonies on the same property are not unusual.

NJ termite extermination requires professional treatment. Visit our website to find out how to protect your NJ home or business from termites.