Just How Destructive is Pigeon Poop?

The Pigeon Question
The Pigeon Question

Often referred to as “flying rats,” feral pigeons are the number one urban pest bird, and they produce a plethora of poop. Though unsightly and smelly, how damaging is it?

  • Pigeon poop is destructive to historic buildings and statues.
    Highly acidic and corrosive, the uric acid in pigeon poop can cause irreversible damage to buildings and statues. Limestone and sandstone are particularly susceptible. Worse, its corrosive effects can continue even after the poop is removed.
  • Pigeon poop is destructive to roofs.
    Acids in pigeon poop can eat away roofing materials, eventually resulting in leaks. Light, continuous exposure can cut the life expectancy of some roofs in half. Worse, if they enter attics, the weight of pigeon droppings alone can cause ceilings to collapse!
  • Pigeon poop is destructive to machinery.
    Keeping pigeons away from machinery is essential, as bird droppings can damage a variety of equipment, particular rooftop air conditioners, which are a prime nesting spot.
  • Pigeon poop is destructive to automobiles.
    Pigeon dropping are capable of quickly eating through the wax and protective coatings of paint on automobiles and planes, etching into and destroying paint. The longer the poop sits, the worse the destruction.

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