Effective Pest Control Starts on the Outside

Pest Control Starts Outside
Pest Control Starts Outside

You’re probably vigilant about pests inside your New Jersey home, but what about outside? Insects and wildlife enter your house from the outdoors, just like any other intruder. Follow these exterior maintenance tips to discourage pests from taking up residence in your yard and eventually your home.

  • Squirrels, raccoons and other animals can work their way through surprisingly narrow openings. Get in the habit of periodically walking around your house examining the perimeter. Don’t assume that any crack or weakness is too minor to worry about.
  • Raccoons are notorious dumpster divers. Be sure to keep household trash in tightly covered bins. If possible, store the containers in a closed garage or shed.
  • Compost makes an attractive playground for rats and other rodents. Turn it frequently and use a layer of dirt to minimize odors.
  • Bird feeders are a tempting source of food, encouraging squirrels onto your property. Install them a minimum of five feet away from trees and walls to make them less accessible.
  • If you keep a vegetable garden, raising the beds will make it harder for moles to tunnel after the roots. It’s also helpful to include repellent vegetables like onions and garlic.
  • Stack firewood several feet away from your house. Avoid piling them too tightly so that air and light can circulate.

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