Strange and Interesting Termite Facts

A Termite Close-Up
A Termite Close-Up

Did you know the fastest animal strike on land is the snapping jaw of a Panamanian termite which has been clocked at 150 mph? Termites put their powerful jaws to good use. These wood-eating insects eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

A colony of just 60,000 termites can devour two lineal feet of pine 2×4 in a single year. Since the typical termite colony can number in the hundreds of thousands to millions, these insects can do considerable damage to your Monmouth County home or business. And because termites do their damage out of site, these voracious pests can go undetected for years, allowing damage to accumulate. Every year, termites do more than $56 billion in damage to U.S. homes and businesses.

The Eastern subterranean termites that attack 1 in 5 Ocean County homes and businesses are entering their expansion phase. Mature colonies produce winged reproductives that climb to the surface from their underground nests and fly off in mating pairs to begin new colonies. If you find groups of winged “ants” milling around on the ground, call an experienced termite exterminator NJ for immediate service.

Termite FAQ

Termites are destructive but also fascinating insects:

• Termites inhabited Earth 20 million years before dinosaurs.

• There are about 1,000 pounds of termites for every person on Earth.

• In Singapore, termite queens are considered a delicious delicacy.

• A termite hill in Africa was 42 feet high, the height of a two-story house.

• Termites forage for food over an area the size of a football field.

• Termite queens live 15-25 years, laying an egg every 15 seconds.

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