How to Exterminate NJ Termites – Part 1

Termite Control
Termite Control

Termite extermination is a job for experienced professionals for three main reasons:

1. The Eastern subterranean termites that chew on the foundation timbers of Monmouth and Ocean County homes live in massive nests deep underground. The termites that exterminators find munching on the support beams of your New Jersey home are workers foraging for food and represent only a small portion of the colony’s total population which can number in the hundreds of thousands, even millions.

2. Termites can travel a fair distance during foraging and nests may be located some distance from their food source (your home). Inaccessible and out of sight, the source of a termite infestation is usually impossible to locate when it is first discovered.

3. If every single termite in the colony, including the queen, is not exterminated; the colony will regenerate and continue to destroy your home.

Termite Extermination Methods

To overcome these difficulties, professional termite exterminators NJ use the termites’ own social behavior against them. The two methods professionals use to exterminate termites – bait systems and exterior barrier systems — use the insects themselves to deliver the termiticide to the underground nest. Termites spread the poisonous chemical to other colony members during normal feeding and grooming activities.

Termite Bait Systems Really Work

Termite Bait System. Considered a less invasive, more eco-friendly termite elimination system, the Advance Termite Bait System is a low- chemical extermination approach. Low-profile, in-ground bait traps are installed along likely termite pathways.

Traps are baited with cellulose and regularly inspected for termite activity. When termite presence is detected, traps are re-baited with poisonous food. Termites eat the food and spread it through the colony by regurgitation as they feed other colony members.

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