Now Is Best Time to Schedule New Jersey Termite Inspection

Insects are off the radar of most New Jersey homeowners during the winter. Monmouth County and Ocean County residents don’t typically think about calling an exterminator until spring when ants start marching across kitchen floors. But just because they may be out of sight and out of mind during New Jersey’s cold winter months doesn’t mean you’re safe from insects and the damage they cause. One insect in particular, the Eastern subterranean termite, is active year-round and poses a significant threat to New Jersey homes.

The only termite species found in New Jersey, the Eastern subterranean termite lives in huge underground colonies. Located below the frost line where underground temperatures in New Jersey remain in the 50s year-round, colony activity is unaffected by seasonal weather. Traveling through underground tunnels to reach the foundation timbers of Monmouth County homes, termites feed on cellulose, the fibrous material in wood and wood products. A colony of just 60,000 termites can consume one lineal foot of pine 2-by-4 every four months. Multiply that by the millions of termites that may populate a single colony and significant damage can occur in a relatively short period of time. Left untreated, a large termite colony can eventually cause structural collapse.

Termites damage one in five New Jersey homes, but early detection of these destructive insects can minimize damage. Annual termite inspections by Allison Pest Control’s highly trained and experienced termite exterminators NJ can detect termite presence and exterminate these pests before they damage your Ocean County home. Now is the best time to schedule a termite in section. It is important to have your home inspected before termite colonies start reproducing which can begin as early as March. Call Allison Pest Control to schedule your termite inspection today.