Forget DIY Pest Control Products…Hire A Pest Control Pro!

When any type of pesky insect or rodent appears at your home or business, the first thought that may come to mind is making a quick trip to the home improvement store.  There you will find a large amount of baits, aerosol sprays, foams, liquids, rat traps, mouse traps, poisons, bombs and the list goes on and on.  Walking the do-it-yourself pest control isle, it seems that no matter what type of pest problem you may have, it surely is easy to solve.  Rats, mice, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, mosquitos, spiders…you name it, there is a something that claims to kill the pest.

There are a few problems that home and business owners run into when it comes to handling do-it-yourself type pesticides.  All pesticides must have instructions and warning labels according to Federal guidelines.  Unfortunately, more often than not, warning labels are largely ignored or barely followed by those desperate to rid themselves of creepy insects or rodents. Do-it-yourselfers are at risk of exposing themselves, their families, or their coworkers to dangerous pesticides if instructions are not followed completely.  Pets must also be taken into consideration when using do it yourself pest control products  as most of the products would be deadly if consumed by any domestic pet.  Special consideration should also be taken into account for small children so that they do not inadvertently become poisoned during pest control procedures.

A Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional lends pest control expertise so that any pest control job can be completed quickly and safely.