Mosquitos…Fragile And Dangerous

It is hard to think of mosquitos as being fragile creatures when they are known blood suckers which leave terrible itchy welts on their victims.  In comparison to other types of insects however, mosquitos are considered to be fragile because of their small size report Monmouth Country, NJ pest control professionals.  The pesky mosquito will grow from 3/16 to ½ inch long depending on the species of mosquito.  They have three pairs of long skinny legs, slender bodies, and one pair of wings with scales on the veins of their wings. Depending on the species, adult mosquitos live on average about two or three weeks.

Like most other types of bloodsucking critters, male mosquitos do not feed off of humans or animals.  Instead, male mosquitos feed on plant nectar.  Female mosquitoes however are blood thirsty creatures.  Mosquitos are a type of fly with a long proboscis that is designed for piercing its host, and extracting blood.

Mosquito larvae can only survive in stagnant water.  Water that is moving will drown the developing larvae.  Mosquitos and their larvae cannot withstand cold temperatures.  Once a hard frost occurs, most mosquito populations will die off, although some may find harborage in a sheltered location.  In New Jersey, the mosquito breeding season begins in May and ends in September or October depending on the weather.

People should worry about the bite of a mosquito because it could be more than just an itchy welt.  Mosquitos are known to carry various types of encephalitis, malaria, and most commonly, West Nile Virus.

A Monmouth County, NJ pest control expert can help to keep mosquito as well as other problem pests under control as they begin to emerge this spring.