Home Grown Dengue Fever Found In Florida

Dengue Fever is a virus that is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito.  It causes significant joint and muscle pain and severe fever. In extreme cases of Dengue Fever, internal hemorrhaging can also occur.  Dengue Fever is not wide spread in the United States, but when it occurs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and pest control professionals take special notice because of the severity of the transmitted virus.

In 2009 and 2010 there was an outbreak of Dengue Fever that hit a group of people in Florida.  According to Los Angeles Times on March 13, 2013, authors of a study by the CDC “identified Key West, Florida as ground zero for transmission of dengue in the US.” Dengue Fever is transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito as females are the only ones that seek blood.  Infants are particularily susceptible to the Dengue Fever virus as it can be fatal if contracted.

In the past, most cases of Dengue Fever was limited to those who traveled abroad.  When it appeared in the United States, it was tracked to people who traveled.  The recent study from the CDC has shown that there is a new strain of Dengue Fever that is not connected to any strain from a foreign land.  This new strain is homegrown and considered to be extremely dangerous.

Currently, mosquito borne Dengue Fever has only been found to occur in Florida, however to protect your home, family, and business, Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals believe that utilizing a licensed pest control service will help to keep all mosquito populations down in New Jersey as well as other areas of the United States.  Mosquitos are not like bed bugs which will hitch a ride, but if a new home grown strain of Dengue Fever can be found in Florida, it certainly can be found in other areas of the United States.  Proper pest control treatment is the key to keeping safe from all mosquito borne diseases.