A Monmouth County, NJ Pest Control Pro Can Get Rid Of Mice

Mice are uninvited wintertime pests that can find their way indoors as the weather turns cold report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  It is always best to try to avoid a mouse invasion by sealing gaps and holes, but because mice are resourceful creatures, they may still find their way indoors despite your best efforts.

Besides being an unnerving holiday guest that is creeping around the pantry looking for tidbits to eat, the strong teeth of mice are also able to tear into many types of food products that are kept in homes.

Mice are able to live quite comfortably in human dwellings are they are rarely detected and can be difficult to contain.  People usually notice that mice are present once food products are torn into and consumed, or when rodent droppings are discovered.  Mice will also gnaw on wood products in the home as they are in constant need of keeping their ever-growing incisor teeth filed down.

Mice not only contaminate food products they also pose health problems for humans.  Mice feces, urine and saliva contain dangerous bacteria and pathogens that are easily transmitted to humans. Humans come in contact with these mice feces when they are cleaning up rodent droppings.  Special care should be taken to not inhale the dust of rodent dropping and it is important for the fecal matter to not touch skin.  Humans can unknowingly be exposed to rodent urine and saliva when rodents scurry across food preparation areas, cooking utensils and pots and pans.

Mice are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs by hiring a Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional.