The Circle Of Life For Common NJ Ticks

Pest control specialists in Ocean County, NJ report that ticks continue to be a troublesome pest throughout the northeast region.  The most common ticks that you will find are the Blacklegged Tick (aka the deer tick), the Lone Star Tick, and the American Dog Tick.

Each type of tick poses different types of problems for both humans and pets because of the diseases that they transmit.  Each type of tick depicted goes through the following stages:   the larvae, nymph, and then they become adults.

To reach each new stage of their development, each tick must find a host (animal or human) and receive a suitable blood meal.  After eating, the tick will drop off of the host and then molt into the next life stage.  This process can occur quickly depending on the availability of a host or the tick will patiently lie in wait for a good deal of time until a suitable host comes along.  After the ticks reach adulthood, they find a mate.  The males soon die off.  Females find a suitable place to lay their eggs, often under leaf litter, and they too die off.  The eggs will then lay dormant until the following season when the circle of the tick’s life begins once again.

Ticks are a useless pest to encounter.  Don’t fall victim to these bloodsuckers.  A pest control professional in Ocean County, NJ like Allison Pest Control will be able to keep these pests out of your yard and off of your pets and family by providing expert pest control treatment of your property.