Beware; New Jersey Ticks Are Out In Full Force!

It’s officially summertime and nobody wants to step outside and be subjected to the never-ending onslaught of blood thirsty creatures that are in abundance.  It seems no matter what time of the morning, day, or night, creatures that fly, crawl, and jump are lying in wait for their target meal report pest control experts in Ocean Country, NJ.

Health Departments from Illinois to Vermont and many points in between are warning residents that tick populations are extremely high this summertime season.

There are nearly 200 species of ticks that exist within the United States.  They are more like a spider then they are a type of an insect.  These disgusting pests survive and progress into each life stage by sucking the blood of small mammals, deer, domestic pets or a human that happens to cross their path.  Ticks are not capable of jumping for flying.  Instead they wait for their victims on foliage on in the grass.  Once a good host brushes up against the foliage or travels through the grass, the tick will climb aboard.  Some ticks on the ground will follow the path of their victim until they are able to climb up their leg and find a suitable spot to latch onto and feed.

Pest control professionals in Ocean County, NJ can help residents keep ticks out of their homes, yards, and off their pets by providing a barrier treatment to the entire property.  Veterinarians also suggest that pet owners perform routine inspections for ticks on their pets, especially during the spring, summer, and fall months.

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