Voles Cause Damage To NJ Lawns And Gardens

Meadow voles and pine voles are the two most common types of voles that are found in New Jersey report pest control experts in Ocean County, NJ.  Meadow voles can grow up to 7 ½ inches long, including the length of their tail and the pine vole will grow up to 6 inches long, including their tail.  Pine voles are easily distinguishable by their short stubby tail that is about the size of their foot.

Meadow voles are constant nibblers that will eat their weight in vegetation each day.  In addition to eating, pine voles will gather their food and store it in their burrows.  Pine voles eat a wide variety of roots, timbers, insects, seeds, fruit, bark and underground fungi.

Meadow voles are nocturnal whereas pine voles will forage for food both day and night.  Both types of voles slow down during the cold winter months, but they do not hibernate.

Although a voles lifespan is fairly short (2 to 16 months), they can be very destructive to lawn and garden areas.  Both types of voles build tunnels and runways with numerous exits that are right below the grounds surface.

Eradicating voles can be a difficult task due to their intricate tunnel system.  A pest control professional from Ocean County, NJ understands how voles operate and will be able to eradicate invading voles from your property.

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